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Research & Business Plan

A business plan is an essential roadmap for your business success. It serves as a guide to help you keep your business on the right track, attract new investors to your ideas, or as a excellent platform for those seeking grants or financing for their business.

Here are some guides to help you move forward:

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icon Training on business
plan development
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experts to help and guide your business

Kickstart My Business

To start doing business, you will need to first register your company. It is important for you to understand the type of business you want to operate and how you can progress in the future .

There are several business entity options that you can consider according to the type and scale of your business:

I am a Small Business Owner or Personal Online Store
Sole Proprietorship

The business is owned by a single individual


The business is owned by 2 or more individuals

I am a Bigger Scale Provider with a Substantial Size of Employees and Suppliers
Sdn Bhd (Private Limited)

If you are a bigger scale service provider like a supermarket or a manufacturer, you will need to engage a company secretary to go through the whole process of registering your company

Click here to view how to register your business  and read about the guidelines on business name applications and registration of new business.

Even though businesses have been registered with SSM, business owners are responsible to obtain licenses, permits or approval letters from other relevant authorities in order to operate their businesses.

As a profit making business, you are required to register with LHDN as you are liable for taxation.

Finance My Business

Whether you're looking for start-up capital, planning for expansion or money to keep your business going, as a small business knowing where to look can be difficult.

Today, there are many potential resources available for business financing.

Discover which financial aid is suitable for your business and find out how to increase your chances of securing one.

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To help SMEs start or grow their businesses, the Malaysian Government has many financing schemes available.


Flexible loan/financing offering to suit your business needs.


Provides other alternative options for SMEs who needs to gain access to fast and collateral-free financing in order to expand their business or meet short term cash flow needs. It also provides a platform for SMEs to borrow directly from investors.


Office Solutions & Technology

Make your office setup lean and mean with the right systems. Not only will it secure all your important data,
but your day-to-day affairs will be a lot more efficient.

Business is made easier with these smart office solutions:

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Manage My Employees

Your employees are your biggest and strongest assets.

If you are planning to start hiring staff members, do take note that EPF, LHDN & SOCSO contributions for your staff are statutory requirements. It is important for you to understand the employment law, hiring and recruiting process.

For your business to thrive, you need to invest your time in improving the skills of your employees and giving them the tools they need to succeed. Make learning part of your culture.

See how you can manage your employees better:

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Market My Business

Now that you’ve got your business all set up, it’s time to let everybody know about it. Use the right strategies to establish your business identity and get the word out so that you’ll reach your potential customers in no time!

Here are some of our preferred solutions that lets your customers know more about your business:

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