4 Benefits of Personal Branding for Your Business, Plus How to Get Started

29 Oct 2018

When you hear the name ‘Steve Jobs’, the first thing that comes to mind is Apple devices or a picture of the man’s black sweater and blue denim.


The same thing happens when you see an Apple product. The name ‘Steve Jobs’ comes to mind. The connection between the founder and his product was strong.

Okay. But what does this have to do with personal branding?

Your personal brand is your reputation and what people say about you. The attention to detail is one of the things Steve Jobs and Apple are known for. What this also means is that everyone has a personal brand whether you realise it or not.

Therefore, it is important that you take care to build your personal brand in a way that creates an advantage for your business. You should not create a fake personal brand just for this reason because it will show from the beginning or eventually.

Your personal brand should be authentic and reflect who you are and what you believe in. Those qualities should be reflected in your business.

So, what will my business gain from this?

In today’s globalised business environment, you must do more than just have the best product or service to get the attention of customers. Putting a face — your face — and your personal brand to your company has several benefits.

Attract real people

Corporations have a bad reputation and people want to do business with other people because they are more trustworthy. Building your personal brand for your business will help you attract more customers with whom you can create stronger relationships.

Build loyalty and trust

Having personal relationships with your customers means that they will remain loyal to you and your brand for longer than if they did not have any connection. This will increase your market share as your customers help you market your brand through word of mouth.


Wider impact

The effect of your personal brand goes just beyond your current business. People remember you, not just your brand. If you decide to do something else — maybe start a new business line — you can leverage your strong personal brand.

Show your commitment and personal pride

That you believe in your business solution and success so much that you attach your name to it will make it easier for your customers to also believe in your brand.

This makes sense. What can I do now?

Creating a personal brand is not simply about becoming a ‘thought leader’ or ‘influencer’. Those labels have become so overused that they have lost their meanings.

Instead, focus on doing a few things right.

1. Start by defining your personal brand. What are some words related to your business that describe you best? How do you want people to ‘see’ you and think about you? This will help with how you present yourself to your target audience.

2. Create your platform and/or find one. Try googling yourself to find what people see when they search for you. Then, if you don’t already have one, create a website for yourself (for instance, On your website, you should also...

3. ...tell your story. Why did you decide to do what you do now? How did you start? What have your experiences been like and what are some challenges that you have had to deal with? These are the stories that make you human and relatable to customers and even other possible business associates.

4. Through all of these, maintain consistency. Whether on your website or on any of the social media platforms, from how you spell your name, description of yourself and what you do, to even your profile picture.

Personal branding takes time and effort to accomplish. To be successful, however, you should always provide useful, consistent and regular information for your target audience.

In our next post, the last in our SME branding series, we explore some branding trends that you should be aware of.

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