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Tips for Choosing the Right Digital Solutions for Your SME

Digital is the future of business. However, if you have tried taking your business online, you understand that going digital is not and has not been an easy process for many SMEs in Malaysia.



Use Digital Tools to Enhance Your Customer Experience

More than 30% of people would stop doing business with you if they have only one bad customer experience (CX). We have explored what makes a great customer experience and in summary, it takes only a few things: speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service.


Measure Your Customer Experience Impact. Here’s Why...

Customer experience (CX) is not a ‘one-time setup and leave it’ operation. As long as your business exists, you need to continuously understand whether what you have in place is working and how you can improve.



Excite Your Customers with an Innovative Game Plan

Remember the 4Es marketing model outlined in our first SME Insider article? Yusman Ammeran, unifi General Manager, Sales & Distribution Planning (Consumer & SME) has several more tricks up his sleeve. Follow him now as he takes a 360-degree look into the third element of the 4Es mix: Excite customers.


5 Ways Malaysian SMEs Can Differentiate Themselves...

What makes your SME different from the tens or hundreds of similar businesses in Malaysia? A great product? Sure. But if a slightly better product comes on the market — and one will — your customers will leave. That is, unless you can differentiate yourself with outstanding customer experience.


7 Steps to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy

Here’s how you can develop an effective customer experience strategy as an SME in Malaysia to attract your target audience.


The CX Factor: Understanding Customer Experience and...

Your customer experience, whether you are aware of it or not, is what has kept your customers coming back, or pushed them to a competitor. Having the essentials of great customer experience is what will keep your customers loyal. They could even tell their friends about your brand, an added advantage.

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4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid (and What to Do Instead)

So, you found a problem that you can create a business solution for, you raised capital, hired a great team (or going at it by yourself) and your SME is running smoothly.


Fintech SMEs — 6 Businesses You Can Start Now

No matter what economic industry you are in, your business should have a financial system in place. This simple fact makes the banking and finance sector one of the biggest in the world, with many business opportunities.



Siti Khadijah Apparel — Success Story of a Woman...

What’s the most excellent way to grow as an entrepreneur and succeed in your business? Well, one of the best actions you can take is to learn from people who have done it before.