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Tips for Choosing the Right Digital Solutions for Your SME

Digital is the future of business. However, if you have tried taking your business online, you understand that going digital is not and has not been an easy process for many SMEs in Malaysia.


8 Ways to Fund Your Business Idea or Expansion

That brilliant business idea that you have? No one will know about it and it will not amount to much if you just leave it in your head and don’t do anything about it.


How SMEs Are Evaluated for Financing Suitability

So, you’re a small business owner. You want to apply for business financing. You know you are eligible for the option. You’ve turned in all the necessary documents. What happens now? Specifically: how do financial institutions judge you to be worthy of their financing?

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4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid (and What to Do Instead)

So, you found a problem that you can create a business solution for, you raised capital, hired a great team (or going at it by yourself) and your SME is running smoothly.


Fintech SMEs — 6 Businesses You Can Start Now

No matter what economic industry you are in, your business should have a financial system in place. This simple fact makes the banking and finance sector one of the biggest in the world, with many business opportunities.



Siti Khadijah Apparel — Success Story of a Woman...

What’s the most excellent way to grow as an entrepreneur and succeed in your business? Well, one of the best actions you can take is to learn from people who have done it before.