Focused Messaging to Existing and New Customers’

27 Oct 2020

“Email is not dead” Jeffri Shahul Hamid the founder of Enginemailer can attest to that. A seasoned entrepreneur and digital enthusiast who has  built multiple successful ventures with a network of shareholders. His latest venture aims at helping out the back bone of our nation’s economy the  Small-Medium Enterprises  (SMEs) Enginemailer aims to help these SME’s reach out to existing and new customer's in the most succinct way possible.
Enginemailer has partnered up with MDEC to help digitalise local SME’s through email marketing.  Enginemailer is currently offering free consultations to SMEs looking to apply for the grant through their services, which covers working out communications plans, staff training and continuous support beyond the 12-month grant period. Companies engaging Enginemailer’s services will be equipped with tools to bring their brand messaging into customers’ inboxes through efficient email campaigns.
uBC members enjoy free sign up with unlimited subscribers and can send up to 10,000 emails a month, free of charge, for life with a 500 email limit per day. More details on this exclusive offer can be found at
Photo: Enginemailer (Facebook)
While companies are turning to social media for their messaging, email marketing remains important to small businesses looking to effectively reach out to their customers without having to compete with the sizable budgets that large corporations can afford to spend. Services offered by companies such as Enginemailer play an important role for smaller competitors looking to secure the best ROIs with email marketing.
According to Jeffri “MCO accelerated  digital transformation especially with the SME’s and the first step for most SME’s take is to reach out to their customers via email. When you have a large customer base our service becomes  very beneficial, it is also important to remember that email is a very effective tool to reach out to new customer's too, the important thing  is how you narrate your messaging”
Photo: Enginemailer (Facebook)

His advice to SME’s on engaging customer's via email is “You need to make your offers more attractive at the subject line, ensure the message is simple, personalised  with a call to action”
SME’s also need to embrace digitization with an open mind, the marketing process needs to be  integrated as much as possible to ensure seamless and consistent buy in.  Planning for an  end to end process would be key , “email comes in at a targeted stage, all in all my advice to the SME’s is give it a try, and leverage on us to expand, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain”
With over 3,000 subscribers from around the world, Enginemailer offers database management, email marketing and transactional email services. Its unified features deliver better customer engagement across the entire email marketing and automation spectrum- combining simple yet powerful drag-and-drop interfaces, advanced data analytics and a complete set of integrations APIs.  Their flexible subscription plans are ideal for individuals, small and medium businesses and corporations looking to better connect with their customers.
The Springboard To The Digital World; TM Info-Media
The digital space can be quite daunting at times, understanding the appropriate medium is always essential. At TM Info-Media they  help  businesses  promote their products efficiently. With a stable of digital tools and resources that can kick start businesses online aspirations, they can also connect with customers and reach out to more potential customers nationwide.
Headed up Sean Koh a  talented leader  attuned to the fast ever changing needs of business, who is the past ten years has built a strong record of contribution in marketing, advertising, promotion, loyalty, CRM, product and brand management.

According to Sean, a lot of SME’s  out there are online savvy and some are not , they need to know which social media or digital platform is relevant to them, hence it is important to choose  the appropriate digital platform than will support your business.
“What your end goal looks like  needs to be clear, than it will be easier for us to identify the right mix of social media and digital marketing you need . Many people ask us what’s the difference? Fundamentally digital marketing leverages on geotagged search marketing which results in quality leads to you while social media is relevant content to your target market”
Sean’s  advice  to SME’s than want to go digital is to give it a shot, “jangan takut, you have to try and move forward, our team will provide you with a bespoke approach than supports your business need by leveraging on the teams experience, database namely from Yellow Pages and many other resources

Photo: TM Info – Media (Website)
TM Info-Media  aims to help businesses connect to wider consumers in Malaysia through their digital business directory, Google search engine marketing and optimisation services, website builder called instaweb, advertising solutions through Facebook, WiFi hotspots nationwide and TM digital screens. All this and much more are available for uBC members at an enticing  20% discount. More details on this exclusive offer can be found at


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