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10 Things Malaysian Employees Want from Their Employers

So far this month, we have explored how Malaysian SMEs can attract and retain top talent, manage younger generations, and use digital strategies to attract and retain talent. But what do your employees want from you as an employer?


Digital HR Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent

While most of the world has gone digital, many SMEs still don’t understand how to use available technology to attract and retain talent. Studies of digital adoption by Malaysian SMEs show that many businesses only use computers for the most basic of tasks. But how can you use technological tools to attract and retain talent? Here are the four main areas in which you should consider applying your digital strategies.


Hiring? Here’s How to Manage the Millennials and Gen...

So, you started your SME and hired a few people to be in your team and help you achieve your company goals. Congrats! That’s one part complete. The other, which even larger, established organisations are struggling with, is managing your younger generation of employees.


How SMEs in Malaysia Can Attract and Retain the Best...

The defining factors for SMEs in Malaysia are their sales turnover and the number of employees that they have. By classification, SMEs have 200 or fewer employees. However, the challenge for many SMEs in Malaysia is attracting any number of quality talent and getting them to stay.